All Reviews Are From Real Owners Of Divine House 777 Headphones, Not Paid Outsourced Platforms


Natalie Helms - Upper West Side NYC

Wow, I've been in the world of music, art, theater practically my entire life & I know high quality sound when I hear it.  These wireless headphones deliver extremely high quality sound and for such small speakers I am amazed at the progression of technology.  As an average size young lady I could never see myself wearing all those other headphones with those jumbo speakers that would literally cover almost the entire side of my head based on the size of my head..  But these real light 777 headphones with these smaller speakers fit very comfortably on my head and I feel like they look good on me too.  

Justin Lenberg - Austin Texas Realtor

Wow, I had never heard of the 777 headphones before, but now that I own a pair I can say that they are truly amazing!  I was taken by how powerful they are considering how light they are.  I'm a business man, real-estate, and I am on the phone all day talking to clients aka prospective property renters, and these Bluetooth headphones are very very helpful as I am able to communicate with such clarity and I have my 2 hands free to drive, or navigate on the computer, or do whatever else i need to do around the office while conduct these biz calls.  And the price is exceptional, kuddos to this company for providing people with such high end quality technology at a more than reasonable bargain price.   

Bobby Collins - U.S. Special Forces

Damn these things are freaking powerful man!  I didn't expect them to be so much better than all my other listening devices.  I'm not some super tech expert but these speakers hit really hard for how small they are, great tech for sure!  Love being able to talk on the phone with them and work out at the gym.  Great price point as well.