Coming Soon To A Local Business Near You!

We are focused on helping small businesses have access to our Highest of Quality products for their local communities.  In this new digital age whereby many people love to order certain types of products via e-commerce platforms, some folks still love walking into a store and having the experience of touching, feeling, and especially listening when it comes to an electronic product like headphones.  We believe in the power of people and personal experience testimony, aka "grass roots".  Our pre-launch research & development campaign was a huge success because we received great solid feedback from real everyday people who were not contacted as paid help by some outsourced research firm.  Word on the street right now from these everyday people music lovers, "these 777 headphones are Super Light and Very Powerful indeed!"   

We will come visit your local retail store and create a specially tailored strategy to not just place our headphones and other gear in your shop, but rather we will make sure that the entire neighborhood knows about it!  We will also make sure that the neighborhood has a good reason to come on over & stop by for a visit to check out your new Divine House products!  

If you are concerned about a potential hefty upfront investment, need not worry, we will take the initial risk to help your business help our business help the community with positive vibration frequencies!  

Call us ASAP to get this party started  (212) 724-0777