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Tamara Ochoa - Brooklyn

These headphones sure are divine! Literally my favorite new object. I have AirPods which I prefer for working out, but these are perfect for most other situations for a number of reasons:
1. They are very comfortable!
2. Noise cancelling so you don’t have to blast the volume like with AirPods - perfect for subway rides
3. The battery lasts a long time, much longer than AirPods. A beep alerts you a few minutes before they will die.
4. Pairing is super quick
5. They double as earmuffs on the cold days!

Eden - Singer w/ The New York Belles (a NYC Premiere Female Acapella Quartet)

I love these headphones! They are lightweight, connect easily to bluetooth and they are super comfortable! I often find that bulkier headphones tend to put pressure on my jaw area but these don't give me any aches or pains which I REALLY appreciate. I also think the sound quality is very good! Simply divine 777!

Allison Burchfield - Charleston S.C.

Love these headphones!! Extremely light weight and the foldable design makes it easy to carry them around. And on top of that the sound quality is amazing!! Truly happy with my purchase.

Tyagi - Brooklyn Beer Garden Co-Owner

I love these headphones! Great sound.
I was really impressed by the  bass, highs and lows and easy to use. Ergonomically great!
Great price too... just as good as my old Beats.

Eya Kitty Gutz

First person in Colorado to get a pair and man I feel lucky these baby's bump and are 100 % wireless  via bluetooth  with hands free call answering they are a lot lighter than most over ear headphones (like beats etc.)  Not that you even have to put them on if you have music playing at 75% I'd guess you can wear it around your neck and jam out while still being able to hear your surroundingsor put them over your ears and let the music transport you!  I got the all black pair so they go with EVERYTHING! I even have a pair for my husband!

Bobby Collins - U.S. Special Forces

Damn these things are freaking powerful man!  I didn't expect them to be so much better than all my other listening devices.  I'm not some super tech expert but these speakers hit really hard for how small they are, great tech for sure!  Love being able to talk on the phone with them and work out at the gym.  Great price point as well.

Omine Eager - New York

Love my new headphones from Divine House 777. The headphones are the perfect size for me. I have smaller ears and have always had trouble finding headphones that fit properly.
They sound great and feel comfortable for long periods of listening.
I like that they are compact and easy to store. These headphones are durable and lightweight.
Plus they provide excellent customer service and follow up with technical questions. Very hands on.
I’m proud to support a small business and help with its growth.
Spread the word.

Mama Batata - Brooklyn

My boyfriend and I both bought these headphones and we’ve been so impressed with the quality and comfort. I take them on my morning jogs and when I need to hear loud music but want to be respectful of my neighbors, I put these babies on and really can’t believe how clear the sound is and the quality of bass. I’ve had many headphones before these and paid a fortune for the same quality, not to mention the extra detail of art work and poetry on the packaging, there is a lot of extra love put into the making of these headphones. The price and product are on point! Don’t hesitate to snatch up a pair!

Dan San - Founder at Silicon Alley Consulting

These headphones are super light and portable but pack a great punch with solid bass. I’m very satisfied with them and think they’re a great deal.

Natalie Helms - Upper West Side NYC

Wow, I've been in the world of music, art, theater practically my entire life & I know high quality sound when I hear it.  These wireless headphones deliver extremely high quality sound and for such small speakers I am amazed at the progression of technology.  As an average size young lady I could never see myself wearing all those other headphones with those jumbo speakers that would literally cover almost the entire side of my head.  But these light headphones with these smaller speakers fit very comfortably on my head and I feel like they look good on me too.